As we’ve grown we have always been a community focused team and recently we have had difficulty delivering the best to you, in part that is due to riot making it increasingly difficult for other third-party developers who do not bring value to riot in a certain way for example

Right now CommunityDragon is taking a stand for all the small and medium developers and the developers who make tools that enable easier development who don't have such corporate backing and we would like you to join the riot games 3rd party developer discord to voice support for the smaller, medium developers as well as the tool creators and tinkerers because that's where all this started; Us developing cool things for everyone and building a positive third-party development environment and having the sense of pride knowing we help others and each other.

Let us stand side by side in these times and make our voices be heard loud and clear. Let's support each other by spreading the message and talking about it on the Riot Games Developer Realm Discord.

May our community strive for the greater good!


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